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The 90's was a decade of change and preparation. The 90's was know as the decade

for information.Many things changed in the 90's such as FedEx (Federal Express)

became mainstream and gave UPS (United Parcel Service) some stiff

compitition and a run for their $$$money$$$. Technology changed

and evolved and we became more dependant on technology as the

decade went on.The 90's brought war such as the 1st Gulf War, the

Somalia Conflict, and the Bosnia War. The 90's prepared us for

the new millenium. Yet we had no idea what was to come in the new millenium utill it

had happen. Little did we know there was a lot of activity in the new millenium. No

one could have ever seen it comming.We built new buildings, and created many

things. Yet, there was destruction and chaos, and buildings and empires fell.

Alliances were patched, created and strengthened,and others were betrayed and

broken.Over all the 90's was a decade to remember. The 90's was also a closing point

to the 20th century. It was an end to a decade, century and a millenium. This website

is dedicated to showing you the highlights from the 90's.


The website created here is connected with Indian River Charter High School. The school just opened a new campus

called "The Schuman School of Preforming Arts" VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) which it is alson known as.

We have many different classes that are offered such as Dance, Drama, Music, Art, Etc... We are in a Web Design

class and this our project. In every VAPA class we are connected with a time period, so it means that in every class

the curriculum is based on the time period being studied. For example last semiester we studied the time peroid "Rise

into Modernism", The years of 1890 to 1945. So this Semister we are studing "Post Modernism" the period of

1945-2005 (The Present). Next semister and next year we will be studing "The Ancient World". So as I said above we

are currently studing the "Post Modernism" Period which involoves